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Why Every Company Should Carry Out Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing


It has become a norm for any business to conduct pre-employment background screening as well as drug testing when hiring new employees. This is a unique method which is considerably reducing the cost-per-hire because it provides measurable and visible ROI from the beginning.


In the current, the current competitive job market, a majority of the applicants will do anything to look more qualified in their CVs. Background screening helps your company identify candidates with troubling flags in their past employments; this enables you to narrow down to few applicants who seem to be clean. It can be very expensive as well as inefficient to interview a long list of candidates.


A third party background screening provider at http://www.clearstar.net can assist you to come up with a tailored program for your firm's needs. Here are the greatest advantages which you will realize by implementing a comprehensive employments screening and drug testing.


To start with, you will have improved your quality of hire if you employ a comprehensive background screening program. Every business is struggling to acquire the best talents in the market, and therefore, it is a big plus when a company rightly hires a candidate who has accurate information. Very many companies have highly invested in training un-trainable interns simply because they gave wrong information.  To understand more about drug testing, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_test#Random_drug_testing.


You will also significantly improve safety as well as security at the workplace through employment background checks. This enables to filter out applicants that could be a threat to the workplace environment. Through a comprehensive screening, you will be in a position to get details of the applicant's past incidents; this provides critical insight to the behavioral habits that could pose a future threat.


You also need a background screening provider with an in-house compliance expertise to assist your company in creating a proper screening solution that apart from meeting the standards of your industry, but also the state and federal requirements; they vary from state to state and by the position which you are filling. If this is not done professionally, your place of work risks fines as well as series of legal issues.


Other benefits, in brief, include decreases in negligent hiring risks, decreased employee turnover, reduced drug, and alcohol abuse; all these pose a significant threat to the progress of your company as well as the overall relationship of your firm with other agencies. Click here for more info!